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Kernow Ambulance Service is based in the South West of England. We provide specialist private transport for mental health and learning disability throughout the UK and Europe for vulnerable people, including adolescents and people over the age of 65 years.

Our promise is to provide a service that is patient centered, ensuring that the needs of the individual are fully assessed and met. We deliver a supportive service ensuring that the patients' experience of being transported is a positive one.

The staff we employ include (both male and female) registered mental health nurses and health care ambulance crew, who are able to offer a full range of skills ensuring that the patients' well-being is met whilst in our care. Our staff bring with them a wide ranging skill mix, including mental health inpatient services, mental health community services, learning disability inpatient services, police services and other valued life skills from health care organisations. All conveyances are tailored to the individual needs (and in the best interests) of the patient.

All of our staff are trained and compliant in;

Addressing the issue of transporting people with specific care needs is central to our company ethos and philosophy. People with mental health problems or with a learning disability can find the world around them quite challenging and they respond with their own challenging behaviours.

To have to travel from one place to another presents its own risks and our service will provide the necessary personal security and corporate safety that good care provision demands.

The vehicles we use provide the person with comfort and the attendance of staff appropriate to their needs.

We will always have at least one female member of staff to accompany female patients, and will provide Rmn's if requested during the referral process.

Every journey involves risk assessment and consideration of the person’s own preferences. This will determine the level of staffing and an appropriate skill mix. Every member of the ambulance crew take responsibility for the safe passage of patients in out care.

Private Transport for Mental Health

Our specialist private transport service for people with mental health issues is based in Cornwall, South West England, but we cover all of the UK, for both 'pick up' and 'drop off' destinations. Every journey is risk assessed and ambulance members are selected to maintain an appropriate skill and gender mix depending on the needs of the patient. If you would like to find out more about what we do, who we provide our service for or any other questions you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Referral mobile: 07847 069176

Referral mobile: 07847 071780

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If you have a concern or a complaint, please conact us in the first instance, in writing to:

Kernow Ambulance Service

Unit 3, Woods Browning Industrial Estate, Respryn Road, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL31 1DQ

We are a service provider regulated by the Care Quality Commission
CQC - Account Number - 1-977445622

Comments and Feedback

If you would like to leave some feedback, or have a comment on the service we provide, please send them to feedback

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JQ - (IPP Manager):s

"Hi Lee and Kevin,
I wanted to contact you to say thank you.
I was so impressed with your compassion and caring for this gentleman who you transferred to Cawston Park on Friday evening.
In the face of extreme challenging behaviour including assaults resulting in injury, your team took every opportunity to use the least restrictive option during the journey and were so kind, attempting to make sure that the gentleman had comfort and cigarette breaks throughout."


SP - (Approved Mental Health Professional):

"I would just like to say how good the service was from Kernow Ambulance Service in the transporting of patient **. He had been in custody 26 hours and had become increasingly agitated. He had started smearing and throwing faeces, spitting and threatening custody staff. Custody staff were having to deal withhim in fours, with spray cans at the ready. Kernow Ambulance Service responded extremely promptly, they had clean clothes for the patient and food. They were able to get him in the shower in custody without any problems or physical force. I felt the whole experience was helpful and non threatening to the patient. It made what had started to become a very unpleasant situation for a vulnerable person a more positive experience for him. Personally, I think we should let the CQC know what a professional and efficient service they provide"


CS - (Clinical Inpatient Team Leader):

"The referral process was easy and took into account our other commitments as a clinical unit, thus the referral process was not drawn out. Your company responded to our needs as fast as they could, bearing in mind as soon as the call was made your team immediately mobilised themselves to London to collect our patient from custody.
The staff you provided were very knowledgable in relation to mental illness, courteous, and very professional in carrying out both our transfers."


MF - (Senior Nurse):

"I have had cause to use Kernow on more than one occasion to transport patients to both "open" acute mental health wards and Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs). They are always kind, courteous and professional in their dealings with the patient, who (by the nature of their presenting condition) are frequently frightened or hostile. They are skilled at de-escalating volatile situations and treat each person they meet as an individual.
I would have no question about using them again and would highly recommend their service to other Trusts."

MC and JC (relatives):

"A quick thank you to Tim and his team for their patience, support and understanding last night when they collected Rob and took him back to Shrewsbury. Hope the journey went ok and you weren’t back too late this morning. Many thanks"

Our Colleagues:

James Naylor
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James Naylor, Private Counselling Service, Cornwall

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