Transport for Mental Health

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Kernow Ambulance Service offer specialist transport for people with mental health issues and learning disability. We will always provide ambulance crew appropriate to the needs of the person being transported.

Our Aims:

Kernow Ambulance Service
Transport for Mental Health

Our Private Ambulance Transport Operational Policy
How it works for you:

Following initial contact and discussion, we will ascertain (between you, the customer, and our liaison) using a cpmprehensive risk assessment tool, to determine how best to address the needs of the patient. We will discuss how many staff you may need, the gender mix, appropriate skill mix and take on board any concerns/issues you may have about the person being transported, to ascertain the most appropriate and safe way to deliver our service. We will advise you on time scales; (in terms of total journey time/arrival time), and then inform you (if required) an estimated fee for the individual journey.

All ambulance crew are responsible for:

Scrutinising all legal paperwork and raise any concerns they may have with the on call manager.

Liaise with the receiving unit and offer an estimated time of arrival.

Ensure the electronic journey log is appropriately completed.

Offer and facilitate De-brief after every trip (for both patient and ambulance crew) and document.

All legal documents to be stored safely and securely during conveyance.

To document and complete all relevant pages on the electronic journey log, including body mapping, incident reporting, search form, informal contract, driver log etc.

It will be the responsibility of all ambulance crew to dedicate time with the patient, pre journey (if appropriate), to be clear in conversation, to understand and address any needs/anxieties of the individual. The ambulance crew will explain (in a manner appropriate to the individual) why they are there, where they are taking the person and why they are going. To feed back and liaise with all team members if any concerns are apparent before journey commences.

Explain what we can offer during the trip i.e; refreshments, on board entertainment.

Offer the patient a copy of the complaints information leaflet and to ensure that a copy stays with patient notes upon arrival if the patient is not deemed to have capacity.

Offer physical observations for base line (using our medical equipment) if required. To document on the electronic journey log.

Offer and facilitate 'feedback/journey experience' forms for the patient to complete.

All ambulance crew to offer reassurances and support to the patient, particularly if the patient appears anxious/conerned/worried about the conveyance.

The ambulance crew are responsible for the safe transfer of all patient property received.

To make sure the patient has everything they may need during the transfer before property is stored safely in the rear of the ambulance.

To document valuables on the electronic journey log, for instance; money, mobile phone, wallet, credit or debit cards, watches, rings.

All crew will be responsible for ensuring that all appropriate pre journey vehicle checks have been completed.

Fill the ambulance with fuel before and after transfer.

Make sure the van is clean, tidy and ready for the next transfer.

Ambulance crew will ensure that the refreshment box is replenished before and after each journey.

Dedicated Private Ambulance Services we provide;

Our Transport for mental health

We currently run four ambulances. All vehicles have been bespoke designed 'fit for purpose'. The interior has been stripped, laid with hard wearing hygienic floor cover and a bench seat secured to the rear of the ambulance. There is a cool box which is replenished before every journey.

The exterior is discreet, tinted windows maintain privacy and dignity during transfer.

We carry physical health monitoring equipment, which can be utilised on every journey to ascertain 'baseline observations' if required. An emergency life support grab bag is at hand if needed. All future vehicle acquisitions will follow similar protocols and attention to detail.

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